The mid-term summary meeting of Shandong Zhihua Pipe Industry/Huabao Machinery Lean Promotion Project was successfully held

On July 28, 2020, the mid-term summary meeting of the first phase of the Lean Promotion Project of Zhihua Pipe Industry/Huabao Machinery was successfully held. Zhang Wei, general manager of Zhihua Pipe Industry/Huabao Machinery, and the company's management at all levels, Shandong Huazhi Project Consultant The team participated in this meeting.


This meeting summarized the achievements, shortcomings and next steps of lean promotion in 2020, and pointed out the direction for the smooth progress of lean promotion in the second half of the year. Staff at all levels also expressed their determination to practice lean and strive for excellence.

Through half a year of lean promotion, some management content has been transformed from nothing to something. The consciousness and attitude of employees are gradually changing, and management activities tend to be standardized.

Based on the external environment and the actual development stage of the enterprise, a medium- and long-term organizational adjustment strategy was formulated, laying a good foundation for the next-step systemic function.

Establish a company meeting management system, standardize meeting management standards at all levels, and ensure the effectiveness of the company's meeting structure.
Performance evaluation standards and evaluation schemes have been established and gradually applied to the result evaluation. The incentive orientation has been established and the effect is beginning to appear.

Through process control and result pull, the conformity evaluation of accounts has been incorporated into normalized management, and the inventory structure is becoming more rationalized and gradually serving the production organization and order delivery.

The effective promotion of the model line provides a clear and implementable path for the improvement of production site management.
The mid-order planning management process has been initially opened up, which can provide scientific and effective guidance and guarantee for the entire production process, and has formed a standardized operation for scheduling through the application of the system.

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Post time: Jun-28-2021