The harm of grooved pipe fittings to welding

There are many ways to connect grooved pipe fittings, and the ways to adapt to each environment are different, but the editor believes that the most harmful to the equipment is our common use of traditional welding methods, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Fume pollution Welding will produce a lot of fume and debris, which will cause great pollution to the environment.

2. Quality is difficult to guarantee. Welding requires very high technical personnel, and some technical personnel cannot meet the technical level, resulting in unsightly welding or even weak welding.

3. High labor costs Welding requires a lot of labor input, which increases labor costs.

4. time-consuming and laborious welding Some grooved pipe fittings are difficult to weld, require a long working time, and consume energy.  The above is the whole content of the harm of welding methods to grooved pipe fittings introduced to you by the editor

Post time: Jul-10-2021