Reasons for the superior sealing of grooved pipe fittings

Because the rubber sealing ring and clamp of the grooved pipe fittings have a unique sealable structural design, that is, the rubber sealing ring located in the inner layer of the grooved pipe fittings is placed on the outside of the connected pipe and is consistent with the pre-rolled groove. Then buckle the clamp on the outside of the rubber ring, and fasten it with two bolts. Because of its unique structure, the grooved connector has good sealing performance, and as the fluid pressure in the pipe increases, the grooved pipe is sealed Sex has also increased. Grooved pipe fittings can also be called clamp connection, which is a new type of steel pipe connection pipe fittings. The use of grooved pipe connection technology can make complicated pipeline connection procedures simple, convenient and fast, and has a wide range of applications in production and life.

Post time: Jul-10-2021