Introduction of grooved pipe fittings

Grooved fittings allow for the quick assembly and modification of large piping systems because they provide great stability along vast stretches of pipe. They are also very inexpensive to install, maintain, and re-route. In a grooved fitting, the coupling housing slides parallel to the bolt pad; this provides a clamping action along an offset, providing extra rigidity to the joint. Grooved fittings also help you to connect pipes in situations where space is at a premium.

Grooved fittings have three main parts: grooves to align the pipes, bolts to fasten the couplings, and pressure responsive sealing gaskets to prevent leaks. Grooves in the ends of pipes make them easy to connect and disconnect. Grooved fittings can save your company time and money because they do not require welding, flanging, or threading.

Companies in the mining, fire protection, HVAC, wastewater treatment, and power plant sectors often use pipes and connectors with grooved fittings. Unlike conventional systems in which seals are acted upon by pressure, these sealing gaskets create pressure on the outside of the pipes, enhancing the stability of the grooved fitting. Due to the added safety of the grooved joints, they are even used in military and marine systems. C-type triple rubber seals make leaks virtually impossible!

Grooved couplings are available in a variety of types such as “reducing”, “flexible”, or “rigid”. Grooved fittings may feature flanges, short radii, domed end caps (or “end-all caps”), tee-shapes (or “cross fittings”), mechanical tees, concentric reducers, and elbows. Domed end caps are designed to be an end-of-the-line multifunctional fitting. They are used in drops, sprigs, gauges, drains, and sprinkler heads. Mechanical tees allow you to create branch outlets without having to weld or use multiple fittings.

3) Features
• Quick to Assemble
• Easy to Re-Route Systems

4) Grooved fitting do not require:
• Welding
• Flanging
• Threading

5) The advantages of grooved fitting:
• Innovative design enables simple, fast and inexpensive installation, with no need for special tools or training.
• Fast assembly by using the unique one bolt couplings product line.
• Substantial savings in both time and money resulting from elimination of the need for welding and threading.
• Reduce noise and vibration transmission and enable self-restraining connection.
• Flexibility in layout of lines in difficult conditions.
• No risks of leaks due to temperature changes or movements caused by shaking or rocking.
• Enables use of thin-walled pipes, reducing both weight and price.

6) Applications
• Mining
• Fire Protection
• Wastewater Treatment
• Power Plants

Post time: Jul-10-2021