Grooved pipe fitting production base

Weifang Fangzi was awarded the only “China Groove Pipe Fittings Industry Base” in the country

News from this newspaper (Reporter Wu Xiaoqiang, Correspondent Liu Huaqiang, Correspondent Liu Huaqiang and Lu Xuanlong)

The reporter was informed that at the “16th China Foundry Association Annual Conference and the 5th National Foundry Industry Innovation and Development Forum” held in Shanghai on August 15, Fangzi District was Awarded the title of “China Grooved Pipe Fittings Industry Base” and became the only “China Grooved Pipe Fittings Industry Base” named by the China Foundry Association, which marks an important step forward in the green development of the foundry industry in Fangzi District.

The foundry industry in Fangzi District has a long history and is densely distributed. Before the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of the foundry industry, there were more than 300 foundry companies in the district. The products are mainly grooved pipe fittings, agricultural machinery accessories and export parts, including fire grooved pipe fittings Products occupy more than 80% of the national market share. In recent years, Fangzi District has attached great importance to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, building 12 research institutes, green casting platforms, casting industry cloud platforms and other service platforms to accelerate the green and intelligent transformation of traditional industries.

Post time: Jul-10-2021