Groove pipe fittings system technology

1.The product structure is compact, the installation space requirement is smaller

Compared with the welding flange connection, the structure of the groove connection product is more compact and the installation space requirement is smaller.

It is very difficult to weld flanges of large-size piping systems in relatively narrow spaces, especially for renovation and transformation projects, such as municipal engineering plumbing piping systems, water systems on ships, fire-fighting systems in residential buildings, and so on.

The profile of the grooved system is much smaller than that of the flanged system, so the grooved piping system can be installed closer to each other and requires less installation space.

2.Reduce noise and ease vibration

The rubber sealing ring is elastic, reducing noise and alleviating vibration. The highly elastic sealing ring helps to absorb noise and vibration, and ease the transmission of vibration and noise.

The grooved flexible couplings can also eliminate equipment misalignment errors, reduce the stress on the pump and equipment connection, and adapt to linear movement and angular deflection in the piping system.

The Groove pipe couplings has a unique structure, which enables the sealing gasket to be tightly pressed on the pipe and at the same time enhances the strength of the connection. The shell is made of ductile iron, which can absorb noise.

3.Easy and quick installation, higher installation efficiency

The installation speed of Groove pipe fittings can be up to 10 times faster than traditional methods (such as welding, thread welding, welding and soldering, etc.).

The dangers of welding are fire, electric shock, compressed gas, toxic fumes, and lack of personal protection for eyes, hands, feet and body. The groove connection system eliminates various safety risks in the welding operation process, such as electric welding arc light and smoke. With the grooved connection system, the installer only needs to use a wrench, which is essential for installing piping systems in confined spaces.

When welding flange connections, if there is a problem of product mismatch on site, only more complicated cutting techniques can be used for re-welding. However, the products of the Groove pipe fittings can be rotated and adjusted 360 degrees before fixing the system components, which saves huge rework time and corresponding large costs, and greatly improves efficiency.

4.More environmentally friendly, no welding slag fume pollution

Groove pipe fittings are more environmentally friendly than welding, brazing, and soldering, because the groove installation process does not require heating, no high temperature, and no welding slag fume pollution.

The surface treatment of Groove pipe fittings is electrophoretic paint, which is more environmentally friendly.

Post time: Jul-10-2021